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What is the difference between ‘in store now,’ ‘reserve your copy,’ and ‘special order’?


Books that are listed as ‘in store now’ are already in stock on our shelves and do not have an additional wait time.


Both ‘reserve your copy’ items and ‘special order’ items require us to contact our distributor and place a special order to obtain them.


‘In store now’ items will be collected and processed same day. If your order combines both ‘in store now’ items AND ’special order’ items, the order will process once all items have arrived at the store.


When is my card charged?


We do not charge credit cards until we have the entire order in stock and ready to be picked up.


Can I use a gift certificate or store credit towards my online purchase?


Yes, please leave a note at check-out specifying that you’d like to use your gift certificate. 


How long will it take for my special order to arrive?


We send in all orders when we receive them, and currently it is taking our distributors 8-12 business days to fulfill our orders. This timeline is dependent on the individual distributors and we are making every effort to ensure that books arrive as quickly as possible.


Once the special orders are in store, we will process your order promptly.


What if the book I want is unavailable?


We will let you know, and check if you would like to either substitute it for something else or cancel the order entirely.

I'm not finding the Mixed Media item I am looking for...


Products from the Mixed Media side of our shop will take a bit longer to fully get up on the site. We have to input and process each and every item into our new system - plus upload pictures and descriptions. A herculean task! If there is something you are looking for and think we might have it in stock - just email us at [] and we'll do our best to respond in a timely manner.


Will my order be ready as each item becomes available or all together?


We will process your order only when all items have arrived in store. If you require alternative arrangements - please email us or leave a note with the order.


I tried calling the store but there was no answer, how can I get in touch?


At this time we are able to have only one person working in the store at a time, so we are unable to take phone calls. Please email only.

Email us at with any questions you have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


King W. Books/Mixed Media owners, Dave and Teresa are working incredibly hard to make sure both that deliveries ship out and that questions are answered as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 72 hours for a response. 


As we continue to adjust to online ordering and to the general uncertainty of these difficult times, our priority continues to be, as always, providing excellent customer service. We are beyond grateful for your continued support; without you, none of this would be possible.